Natural remedies to fight summer allergies, colds

June 19, 2012

Knowing the difference between cold, flu and allergies:
-Cold symptoms include runny/ stuffy noses, headaches, postnasal drip and coughs
-Flu symptoms include the same symptoms as colds, but are accompanied by fever, body aches and lethargy
-Allergy symptoms include itchy, runny and stuffy noses, itchy eyes and sneezing.
Unlike the common cold, allergy symptoms tend to be cyclical, worsening with exposure to the offending allergen and then fading away

Tips/ Treatment options:
-EyeWear: To avoid itchy eyes, wear sunglasses or eyewear to prevent pollen from getting into eyes.
-Nasal Ointments: More than half of allergy sufferers say allergies and nasal congestion wake them up at night and also make it hard to fall asleep. Use a naturally-based nasal ointment to help improve your nasal health.
-Homeopathic Remedies: To help with your cold symptoms, try a homeopathic remedy that contains only natural ingredients and minerals.

-Cold-EEZE (Studies have shown the zinc content reduces cold time by nearly half)
-Vitamin C tablets (colds) / Lemons (antiviral)
-Celtic sea salt (Gargle to get the mucus out of the back of the throat)

-Maty's Breathe Better Nasal Ointment (allergy sleep relief)
-Local Honey (taking in pollen from your area to treat allergies & coat a scratchy throat)
-Butterbur (helps a phase of liver detoxification)

-Engystol homeopathic
-Apple cider vinegar

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