Police have surveillance of hit-and-run

July 3, 2012 (CHICAGO) Chicago police tonight say they have surveillance pictures of the car that hit and killed 5-year-old Monet Robinson.

The photos were taken shortly after the crash Monday night.

The suspect was driving a 4-door dark green Pontiac Grand Am GT.

According to witnesses, the car sped down the 1500-block of South Millard, a residential street in the Lawndale neighborhood, at approximately 8 p.m. Monday.

Family members say Robinson, was following her big sister across the street when she was struck.

Witnesses say the car hit her so hard it tossed her into the air. She did not survive.

"She was running after her sister and the car, he came from around the corner flying, and then he came flying and he hit the baby, and she flew all the way down there by the fire hydrant," said Kiara Gayden, a 12-year-old who was among those who saw the horror unfold.

Gayden said she saw the accident from the porch of a home in the block, but she could not see the driver's face.

Witnesses also say the driver stopped and looked out of the window after he hit the girl, then he took off east on 15th and north on Central Park.

"He stopped and looked out the window, and looked at the baby on the ground, and he kept going, but he slowed down once he got across the stop sign," Gayden said.

Police say they are looking for a green, four-door Pontiac with extensive passenger side damage. They believe the driver is possibly in his 20s.

"I wish he would turn himself in. I really do. He needs to turn himself in. That was somebody's kid he killed," said neighbor Cassandra Zeno.

Robinson was pronounced dead just before 8:30 a.m. Tuesday at an area hospital.

Meanwhile, neighbors say they have been pleading with the city for speed bumps for months with no success.

"All I know is, this is the only block that doesn't have a speed bump in the immediate area, and the kids have really generated tremendously over the past three years, and we have to look out for them," neighbor Patricia Hayes said.

"This is a call out to the alderman and anybody that can help us to get speed bumps and the lighting on this block," said neighbor Darrin Brown.

The block where the hit-and-run happened is in the 24th Ward headed by Ald. Michael Chandler. Chandler canvassed the neighborhood Tuesday afternoon, handing out fliers. Chandler says that speed bumps are in the works, and he expects them to be installed during the next construction rotation.

A $1,000 reward is now being offered to find the hit-and-run driver. Neighbors want the offender to turn himself in.

"Another one of our youth is gone, and we really - another dream, another dream is snuffed out. And we really want the person to come forward," said Brown.

As of about 4 p.m. Tuesday, no one was in custody in connection with the hit-and-run.

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