Festive Holiday Treats

July 4, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Wilton Bakeware has plenty of options for gadgets to help create make decorating fun! Beth Somers shows some of the newest offerings.

Beth's Tips:

Use cookie cutters in all shapes and sizes to turn an everyday sandwich into a special treat. Stars, flowers, and butterflies are great for summer. Mini cutters work well for cut up fruit, vegetables, and cheeses. Be creative, or let the kids cut out their own shapes.

Get the kids involved in homemade ice cream sandwiches. They can help with brownie batter, sandwich them with their favorite ice cream, and roll the sides in colorful sprinkles. Or dip store-bought ice cream cones in candy and sprinkles for a scoop just like at the ice cream parlor.

Fresh strawberries are great in summer, and dipped in chocolate, they're a classic. For Independence Day, they're great with white and blue candy or sugars. Kids will love to dip and eat these treats.

Mix up a batch of blue or red fruit flavored drink mix with the kids and pour it into a star shaped mold. Insert a cookie stick before freezing. Use the kebob to ice down lemonade or fruit juice.

Don't turn on the oven – use shaped pans to make cereal treats instead. This is a Gooey Peanut Butter Cereal Treat that looks just like a sand castle. Decorate it with Patriotic Garnish Pics at the turrets for a superfast summertime treat. Great for bringing to the beach - it won't melt!

Store bought refrigerated cookie dough transforms when you add a little food coloring. Color the dough, then let the kids smash them together and roll it out. Cut the dough into shapes and bake according to package instructions. You'll end up with a great marbleized effect. Customize the colors to match your summer party themes.

Whoopie Pies have been popular for a while, but these are extra special because they are shaped like stars and utilize a red velvet cake mix. Let the kids slather icing in between the whoopie pies.

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