Chicagoans find entertainment despite heat

July 6, 2012 (CHICAGO)

From air shows to concerts, there are plenty of events driving people to brave those hot temperatures.

Wrigley Field was turned into a movie theater for a screening of 'The Blues Brothers,' and a huge cheer went up a little while ago when Wrigley made its cameo appearance in the movie.

The folks who are out here may be perspiring a little bit, but otherwise, they were having a good time.

Evening temperatures still soaring, it's not like blues brothers fans need add warm-up act at wrigley field before the movie. But no one here is complaining too much.

"It's pretty hot out here. It's not comfortable," said Bruce Chen, who added that he "wouldn't stay inside for this."

5,000 fans filled the outfield and bleachers for the rare opportunity to roam the grounds at Wrigley. Heat was not going to deter them.

"I would be here to do this if it was 30 below zero," said Karen Abruzino.

Stagehands meantime are busy setting up for a huge concert in another chicago sports stadium. Soldier field will be full of country music fans for tomorrow's Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw concert. The North Michigan Avenue Art Festival also goes through the weekend, with art fans undaunted by the record heat.

"It's very hot - I'm from California. So this heat is a little overwhelming," said Nichole Bombino of Huntington Beach, California.

In Northwest Indiana, fans are braving the heat for some high-flying action at the Gary Air Show, and in Chicago's Beverly neighborhood, some of the world's fastest cyclists are racing 62 miles through the heat. But taking plenty of precautions.

"I've been drinking Gatorade all day," said cyclist Brian Boyle. "Making sure to stay hydrated. I tried to stay inside, but also I wanted to get out for a few minutes and get acclimated to the heat.

The cyclists reach 62 mile an hour, taking a 60-mile course in two hours.

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