Chef Ken Harrington's Reuben and Curry burgers, Irish Curry Chicken

July 8, 2012 (CHICAGO) Chef Ken Harrington's Recipes: Reuben Burger Ingredients: 1 lb 70 % lean ground beef 1 lb Corned beef, coarsely chopped approx. 1 oz Sauerkraut (to taste) Your favorite thousand island salad dressing Swiss Cheese Marble Rye Bread Method: Mix beef and corned beef. Form patties. Cook patties to 165 degrees. Place Sauerkraut, thousand island dressing & cheese on top. Cover to melt cheese. Put on bread. Curry Burger Ingredients: 1 lb Ground beef (70% to 80% lean) 1 heaping tblsp Harrington's original curry sauce mix 3 tblsps Water Method: Mixed everything. Form patties. Grill to 165 degrees. Serve on hamburger bun with lettuce and tomato. Ingredients: 1 lb Chicken breast cut into bite size pieces 1/2 Medium onion 1/2 Green pepper cut into bite size pieces Curry sauce Method: Bring 1/2 cup of water to a boil; add 4 tablespoons of the curry sauce mix and simmer for 2 min. Stir frequently. Cook chicken in frying pan over medium heat with a splash of olive oil until almost done. Add onions and peppers. When cooked, add curry sauce. Simmer over low heat for a few minutes. Serve over rice.
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