Last deadline looms for Stella Foster

August 3, 2012 (CHICAGO)

'Stella's Column' has been a fixture in the Chicago Sun-Times since 2003. She took over when her long-time boss, Chicago newspaper legend Irv 'Kup' Kupcinet, passed away.

Now, the last deadline looms for Stella Foster.

"I want to be able to finally say I don't care if it's Monday I don't have to go nowhere," said Foster. "I think that's great to be able to say that. I think a lot of people want to retire, but they can't."

The Sun-Times columnist ends a 43-year career at the newspaper with Monday's column.

"I am not trying to do anything but retire, OK? I've been on deadline since 1969 when Kup and I were doing six--you hear me?--six long columns a week," said Foster.

Foster began as Kup's assistant. The young woman from Englewood became critical part of Kup's Column going to print, especially as Kup's health failed.

After Kup's passing, the column officially became "Stella's Column," a top spot to keep up with celebrities around town.

More than that, Foster's 'tell is like it is' approach delivered strong views about topics including teen pregnancy, domestic violence, and gun violence.

She has been commended countless times for her work and commitment to Chicago's diverse communities.

"I just love Chicago; I like being in the mix," said Foster. "I don't want to be just an old lady just sitting at the typewriter. See, that tells you something right there. I'm calling it a typewriter."

Foster says she is overwhelmed by the support and passionate comments about her retirement, but she says it was the right time for her to take a break.

"I'm not saying that I'm retiring my voice or my ability to write. That's going to always be with me," said Foster.

So we may find that heartfelt opinion, wit and quick laugh somewhere, maybe even a book. She has answered every email. She does not have an assistant; she is a one-woman show.

That show closes on Monday.

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