Beauty at every age

Makeup and skin treatments should change as we change our clothing and hair styles. Lisa Ryan, licensed esthetician and make-up artist shares some of her top tips for looking great at all ages.

    In your 20's:
  • Lightweight Moisturizer with SPF: Start adding extra protection daily (from the sun's damaging rays) while moisturizing to keep skin hydrated
  • Luminous Eye Shadow: Play up your eyes by using light, luminous shimmer shades around the inner corners of your eyes and blend out through lid and crease to create a fun, flirty look
    In your 30's:
  • Firming Moisturizer for Eyes: This is really the time to start taking care of the fragile skin around the eye area (while it still looks good!). Use a firming moisturizer around the eye area to prevent loss of firmness and add hydration.
  • Colorful Lipstick: It's all about those awesome lips! Choose a shade to "show off" your great smile by adding a bit more color to the lips.
    In your 40's:
  • Anti-Aging Treatment Serum: Now is the time to start working on cellular repair and prevention of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • More Vibrant Blush: As we get older, our skin starts to dull. A great way to brighten up your skin is by choosing a blush with a little bit more color and a touch of luminosity (not too shimmery).
    In your 50's:
  • Skin Lightening Cream/Retinol: Age or "sun" spots are usually starting to appear and becoming darker as each year passes. Fade them slowly but safely with a recommended skin lightening cream with Hydroquinone. You can also choose a Retinol Crème which will help with age spots, uneven texture AND lines & wrinkles.
  • Liquid Foundation: As the skin ages, it loses the ability to produce moisture. Also, this is the age when most women go through Menopause which can cause the skin to become more dehydrated. Switch from powder and/or oil-free foundation, to a moisturizing foundation. Your skin will look softer and smoother. This type of foundation will also cover the uneven skintone that you may start to notice.
    In your 60's +:
  • Throat Firming Creme: Don't forget about the neck! A good firming cream in this area will help to strengthen the skin to achieve a smoother, firmer, visibly lifted appearance.
  • Shape and Define Brows: Starting to wonder where exactly your brows start and end? As we get older, we not only lose the fullness of brow hair but the hair also starts to lighten (usually turning gray). Without the definition of the brows, the skin around the eye area looks "droopy" and loses its sharpness. Choose a color slightly lighter than your hair color with a hint of a taupe tone to the shade.

AND...for all ages:

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