Back to School: Emotional Transition

September 3, 2012 10:08:08 AM PDT
Going back to school can be difficult. There are ways for parents to help their student transition smoothly between new schools and from summer break back to school. Angie Winkler, the adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program Coordinator at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital, says parents can identify and address problems that may arise such as depression or excessive stress.

Tips for Successful Transition Back to School 1. Rest
-Elementary students need 10-12 hours of sleep
- High School students need 8-9 hours of sleep
2. Routine
- Establish morning and after school routines early and stick to it
- Children may benefit from a chart or visual aid to assist schedule and expectations
3. Rehearse
- Talk to your kids about potential worries and identify solutions
- Create a sense of resourcefulness and confidence in children

What can parents do to protect their child from bullying?
- Talk to kids every day and look for signs
- Encourage involvement in activities, interests, and hobbies

How should parents intervene if their child is bullied?
- Help your child develop responses
- Communicate with a network of teachers, school counselors, and administrators

What if my child is the bully?
- Clearly explain why the behavior was unacceptable and suggest alternatives
- Give consequences that provide learning or develop empathy

For more resources on responses to bullying for children and caregivers go to

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