Ill. delegation cheers on Quinn, Duckworth

September 4, 2012 (CHARLOTTE, N.C.)

Quinn's mission from the Obama re-election campaign was to refute Romney/Ryan claims that the president's policies would weaken welfare reform and Medicare.

"My job, I think, was to set the record straight and tell the truth," he said.

The 214-member Illinois delegation led the cheers as Quinn made his points.

"That was his best speech. I've known Pat Quinn for over 30 years and this was his finest hour," said Jesse White (D) Il. Secretary of State.

"And he ended with his traditional 'let the will of the people be the law of the land,'" said Sen. Heather Stains (D-Chicago).

Later, northwest suburban congressional candidate Tammy Duckworth approached the podium on crutches as she did at the 2008 convention. She demanded more combat jobs for women.

"Don't you think it's time that we stopped being surprised that America's daughters are just as capable of doing their jobs and defending liberty as her sons," she said.

Again, the Illinois delegation led the applause for Duckworth from its front and center section, best seats on the floor:

"Well, we're the home of the president. Of course we're supposed to be front and center. We were front and center in Denver, too," said Robin Kelly, delegate.

"Clout seats? Call 'em what you will but we're here to work for the president," said Ald. John Pope, delegate.

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