Teen found shot to death in Lansing alley

September 13, 2012 (LANSING, Ill.)

The body of 15-year-old Asonte Gutierrez was found Wednesday in an alley.

Early Wednesday morning, neighbors in the quiet residential area of Lansing found the body of a lifeless teen. Lansing police are investigating the death of Asonte Gutierrez. An autopsy reveals the 15 year old died of a two shotgun wounds to the head.

Near Gutierrez's home in Country Club Hills, neighbors saw a lot of activity at the family's home Wednesday, but Thursday it was quiet.

A neighbor recalls Gutierrez ambition to be in the music business.

"He had a good future in singing, because I heard him singing his CD," said neighbor Madelyn Thomas.

Some already knew Gutierrez by his show name "Nazo."

Gutierrez performed and recorded a song with Midwest Breakthrough, an organization to help kids hone their music talents and keep out of trouble

"I'm still stunned," said Midwest Breakthrough's Glenn Williams. "You would think out there wouldn't be as much violence as there would be in the city, but I guess it is everywhere. There's not hiding from it."

Gutierrez's single "Kimpossible" was played on local radio stations and encouraged listeners to go for their dreams.

"The dream of Nazo was always to be this hot rapper," said Midwest Breakthrough's Latina Moore. "He wanted to do his thing. He was a sensational little guy. So cute. So adorable."

"He just loved to write," said Williams. "He had a whole tablet of songs, he would just sit down and write. And I was amazed by that. Because you don't always find kids willing to sit down and write songs...but he was."

Lansing police says this investigation is ongoing. No one has been charged.

The leaders of Midwest Breakthrough say Nazo's last show with them was last year. The song he recorded was named after a cartoon superhero. They had hoped he would return to record a full album, but they say his mom pulled him from the program when his notoriety caused problems with peers.

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