Fall Fashion Trends

September 20, 2012 10:11:31 AM PDT
Saturday is the first day of fall and there is already a crisp feel to the air. With each season comes new styles and trends in fashion. Knowing how to look both current and age appropriate can be difficult.

Lisa Stricker from Woodfield Mall has some advice on how to dress for any age with examples from Woodfield Mall Stores. Big fall trends include cut-outs, big bags, jackets, and flared pants. Geometric patterns and all-over embellishments are also hot this season.


Look #1: Age 20s
Dress: $32
Jacket: $40
Shoes: $33
All from A'Gaci

Look #2 Age 20s
Blouse: $43
Top: $10
Pants: $30
All from Akira

Look #3: Age 30s
Jacket $178
Pant: $25
Blouse: $58
All from Ann Taylor

Look #4: Age 40s
Jacket: $188
Tank: $88
Pant: $88
All from White House, Black Market

Look #5 50s
Cardigan: $70
Top: $60
Pant: $70
All from Coldwater Creek