Chicago Terror Charges: Adel Daoud, 18, faces 2 counts in alleged terror plot at Chicago bar

September 20, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Those are the same counts he faced in the criminal complaint filed last weekend after the Hillside teenager allegedly tried to set-off what he believed was a car bomb outside a Chicago bar, Cal's Liquors in the Loop. The fake bomb was created by FBI agents as part of a sting.

Daoud, who turns 19 on Friday, appeared before a federal judge in a Chicago court on Thursday and was denied bond.

Daoud's attorney Thomas Durkin says it's a case of entrapment.

"I am certainly suggesting that he was treated differently because of his ethnicity, certainly. I am also saying anybody at 18 years old, who was raised in America, who would be seriously questioning those type of values I would think might have some mental issues. I would think the FBI would know that as well," said Durkin.

The FBI says undercover agents provided Daoud with a fake bomb in a jeep Cherokee last Friday after Daoud discussed wanting to commit a jihadist attack. He allegedly parked the vehicle outside Cal's Bar and Liquors, then walked into a nearby alley and tried to detonate the bomb with a remote control.

Although the teen's attorney contested the FBI's probable cause for setting up the sting, bond was denied.

Daoud's father left court without commenting.

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