Cook County prosecutor accused of biting cigar shop manager

September 25, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Part of her arrest was captured on video.

Thirty-one-year-old Sarah Naughton allegedly bit a store manager in the leg Saturday night, forcing him to seek treatment at a hospital for treatment.

Naughton has been charged with misdemeanor battery and trespassing. The county prosecutor was off-duty at the time of a bizarre incident that began inside a lingerie store on Belmont just west of Clark. The store's owner says Naughton's behavior was hysterical and out of control.

The woman seen on the video in handcuffs, crying on a curb, is a prosecutor with the Cook County state's attorney's office. The video was taken while police were waiting for a vehicle to pick Naughton up after she was arrested for battery and trespassing.

It began as an uneventful Saturday night inside the Taboo Tabou lingerie shop until employees saw what they describe as a very intoxicated man and woman stumbling their way inside.

Taboo Tabou owner Mark Thomas says Naughton could hardly open the door.

"My staff asked, 'Have you folks been drinking? And 'Maybe you should come back when you're sober.' At that point they became very irate and angry," said Thomas. "They kinda pushed further into the store. The staff kinda gathered to kinda move them out."

Instead of leaving, Thomas says Naughton started to mouth off as she identified her profession:

"At one point the woman pulled out a badge, and said, 'You can't do this to me...I'm a state's attorney.'"

Naughton has worked for the state's attorney's office since she graduated from law school in 2008.

Thomas says Naughton and her male friend took their anger outside and started pounding on the windows. At that point, the lingerie shop manager asked for help from the manager of the cigar shop next door.

Thomas, who owns both stores, says Naughton then bit the cigar shop manager in the leg.

"His skin was broken," Thomas said.

The cigar shop manager was treated and released from the hospital.

The Cook County state's attorney's office could not comment on any toxicology tests.

While Naughton has been a prosecutor for the past four years, she is known for winning a conviction on a case that made news earlier this month. It was the prosecution of the owner of a southwest suburban animal rescue facility.

ABC7 could not reach Naughton for comment.

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