Hadley to offer course on reading braille music

September 27, 2012 (CHICAGO)

"I have the joy of teaching braille music basic to sighted professionals and braille music reading will soon happen for Braille readers," Sorge said. Sorge majored in piano at University of Wisconsin Whitewater and plays recorder, which is similar to a flute, oboe, keyboards, guitar and percussion.

Hadley School is a correspondence education program where students are taught by phone with course materials. That's why putting together the braille music reading course is a bit more technical says senior curriculum designer Ruth Rozen.

"All the symbols are different. For instance in music perhaps you know we call the notes ABCD and so on but those are not the same as if you read the letters CDEFG in literary Braille so a person who is a good Braille reader would not be able to just pick up some music and automatically read it at all. They need to learn the names of the notes and the Symbol or way to the way a printer reader opens up a music book and learns a new graphics of understanding the material that's presented on the page," Rozen said.

"I worked with a college student who was a music major and she had never been expected to read Braille music. I also knew a music teacher who they let go all the way through college without reading. It was a horrible disservice to both of them," Rozen said.

The course will soon be offered at Hadley. Details are online at http://www.hadley.edu/

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