Monday Night Football replacement ref spotted in Fresno bar

September 27, 2012 (FRESNO, Calif.)

NFL replacement referee Lance Easley has incurred the wrath of the sports world. Easley's last second touchdown call in Seattle snatched a win away from the Green Bay Packers.

One night later, the NFL's most infamous ref was spotted having a good time at Club Habanos in North Fresno -- even taking pictures with people.

One guy talking football with a buddy had no idea Lance Easley was within earshot.

"He overheard me talking about the game and I was like that was the worst call I've ever seen and then he looked at me and then he flipped me off and left," said Nick Brockett of Fresno, "I thought that was rude and then they're like, 'that was the ref.'"

Easley told club goers he was in town for a meeting with Bank of America officials. Easley is a banker in Santa Maria.

A manager at the Daily Grill said Easley was part of a large group which had dinner there, and was recognized by staff.

Easley's friends feel for him. Bob Kayajanian, who heads the San Joaquin Valley Officials Association, said, "I've probably worked 2-3 games with Lance and we worked at the junior college level. We worked in the same junior college level. I believe he's been here once and I've been on the coast twice."

Kayajanian says the speed of the NFL game makes it very difficult for referees with high school and junior college experience, like Easley, to keep up.

"I will tell you right now. I don't care how much the players have tweeted or whatever, there is nobody that feels worse about that call than him and his partner," said Kayajanian.

Kayajanian described Easley as a diligent and competent junior college official. Obviously the NFL is a much different beast.

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