Chilly temps have Chicagoans shivering

October 6, 2012 (CHICAGO)

An October chill in the air Saturday night meant no shortage of hats, gloves and scarfs on city sidewalks, some people warming up with hot coffee.

A freeze and frost alert in the area may have people in Chicagoland shivering, but it's even worse for Cardia Bell. She lives more than 13,000 miles away and is here visiting her boyfriend Austin Dunn.

"I'm from South Africa," Bell said. "This is the worst cold I've ever seen. It's horrible."

"We are building fires inside so we sit by the fire," Dunn said.

At the Lincoln Park Conservatory, they've brought summer plants like these into the greenhouse.

On the Lake by Randolph some boaters bundled up for fall ride on the water.

We also found people by the lake showing us their layers.

"I didn't think it would be this cold," said Katie Obbagy from St. John, Indiana. "I have sweat pants on over my jeans. The wind is the coldest, I'd say."

They're telling us their electric blankets are already out and happy that their furnace is safely lit.

"We vacuumed it out changed the filter, stuff you're supposed to do. Maintenance," said Samantha Obbagy.

"I'm just trying to bundle up and keep warm," Nate Nardino said. "I may have to e-mail my landlord and tell him that the pies may freeze so he can turn on the heat."

Others are saying goodbye to our sizzling summer and embracing that fall freeze warning.

"I love scarfs, I love putting on hats and gloves," said Zoie Squire, who lived in Philadelphia, but said, "Best city is Chicago."

Some people are refusing to give in yet, some have pulled winter coats out of storage, while others are covering their gardens, hoping they make it through the weekend.

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