Fall/ Winter Home Decorations on a Budget

October 14, 2012

And if you want to "go all out," it can get expensive to decorate. But it doesn't have to! Frank Fontana (http://frankfontana.net/), design expert, host of HGTV's DIY show, "Design on a Dime," and author of Frank Fontana's Dirty Little Secrets of Design, visited us in our ABC7 studio to share budget-friendly decoration tips.

Frank's Tips:

1. Create custom looking counters for less in the most popular room during the holidays - the kitchen!

2. Create a seasonal picture frame to display festive décor or family photos. One wire or sting shadowbox style frame will last you through the season given you can easily interchange which items you decide to feature for your family and guests.

3. Add a festive centerpiece or accent that will last you the entire holiday season. For a fun winter look, choose a piece of wood at your desired length and width. Using a saw drill bit, cut evenly spaced holes for tea lights. After sanding, add the candles and you have instant holiday flair that's tasteful to endure multiple months of use.

4. For a natural autumn place holder that can carry over to the winter months, wire together a fabric leaf found at the local art supply store and a painted pinecone for a dramatic effect.

To spice up the display, print a table card with inspiring words for the season and wow your guests.

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