South Side neighbors helping to stop violence

October 20, 2012 (CHICAGO)

"The guns is not the only thing controlling this situation, you can get it back," said resident Julia Hunter.

Chicago police, residents, the local alderman and block clubs come together to show gang members in this area who really owns these streets.

"We've got to work together to make our neighborhoods as safe as possible," said 10th Ward Alderman John Pope.

It's being called Operation Wake-Up.

A community meeting came days after police arrested 10 gang members in a drug bust.

"This is due to the efforts of the community; communities are the ones that called in and talked about the narcotics in this area," said Chicago Police Commander Berscott Ruiz. "With their continued help and support we can do more things like this."

It's a reminder to these residents about how speaking up can make a big difference on what happens on their streets.

"They can report anything, not be afraid that something's gonna happen to them if they do report something," said Danielle Richards. "Police can take action and get the violence outta here."

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