For Your Family: Sleep, Recall, 'Hatched It' app

October 22, 2012

Just an extra 30 minutes of sleep per night can make a big difference. Researchers studied children between 7 and 11 years old. Their normal sleep time: nine hours a night. Their teachers did the evaluations, and here's what they found: those who slept 30 minutes more, started doing better in behavior and emotions, and those who slept less in the study started behaving not so well in school.

Also, there's a big recall on children's clothing affecting fleece hoodie and t-shirt sets sold exclusively at Target by Children's Apparel Network. The coating on the zippers could have excessive levels of lead. The hoodies and t-shirts are meant for toddlers, who often put zippers in their mouths. Consumers can return the items to Target for a full refund.

Lastly, a cool new app is available, created by two moms to help make your life a little more organized. It basically allows you to share your calendar and your to-do lists. It's by "Hatched It" and allows users to share school activities, sports, any important dates with grandparents, babysitters, and you can share a to-do list with your family. If you're packing for a trip, for example, it can help you put together a master list that everyone in your family has on their phone. They can also add to the list or check completed when it is done. No more confusion!

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