Flight cancellations continue in Chicago, thanks to Sandy

October 30, 2012 (CHICAGO)

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At O'Hare International Airport, airlines canceled nearly 500 flights to and from the East Coast Tuesday as of 3:30 p.m.

At Midway International, airlines canceled more than 75 flights to and from the East Coast.

There are no significant delays at either airport.

Passengers traveling Tuesday, and those picking up passengers, should visit their airlines' web site for the latest flight status.

Mark Boktor has been trying to get home to DC since Sunday.

"There are so many flights back and forth. I never thought that it would be so hard to get a flight back," said Boktor. "It's a headache. All my work's backed up now. And just now trying to catch up on all my work that's left behind."

Getting to New York is next to impossible, with all three New York area airports closed including LaGuardia which is inundated with water.

Nicole Sherry and Michael Coutu are stuck in Chicago until Friday. They are unable to get home to New York after their honeymoon in Thailand.

"They said no for Philly, no for Hartford, Connecticut, no for upstate New York, White Plains. So there's nothing else," said Sherry.

"We're exhausted, but we're hanging in there. We're making the most of it, and...air travel. It's fantastic," said Coutu.

It's not just an East Coast problem. The ripple effect extends nationwide.

Adding to the headaches are the high winds here causing more delays at O'Hare.

"They said they were up to 70 mile an hour gusts, and so the airport here was down to one runway for inbound and one runway for outbound," said Bob Bramnik, delayed passenger.

"Part of me just thought, well, I guess my vacation will be a little bit longer," said Jackie Nelson, delayed passenger.

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