Exit polling breaks down voters' thoughts

With exit polling we're getting a closer look at what voters were thinking.

Overwhelmingly in Illinois, and across the country, exit polling shows the voters were most concerned about the economy, and that was a big factor in deciding who to vote for.

The response from Illinois voters in a national election pool poll conducted by Edison Research shows that 62 percent picking the economy over healthcare and the budget deficit as the biggest issue facing the country.

Who is to blame for the current economy? More than half place the blame on George W. Bush and not President Obama.

When it comes to fixing the economy, the exit polling shows more people think the president's plan favors the middle class, while more than half say Mitt Romney's economic policies favor the rich.

A lot was heard from both presidential campaigns when it came to courting women voters.

In the gender split, for male voters in Illinois Tuesday, it was a close split between Obama and Romney, with the president on the upside.

The margin was much wider among women in Illinois, with president Obama coming in at 64 percent.

In Wisconsin, the support among men was almost identical with Illinois, but the margin of support among women voters narrows. The president, though, still came away on top there.

When you break it all down by race there is not much of a surprise here. The exit polling in Illinois shows Romney getting more of the White vote, which is about the same as it was four years ago for John McCain.

Among Black voters, Obama walked away with 96 percent.

The national turnout was less than 60 percent and less than four years ago, meaning four of every 10 Americans chose to have no say in the presidential election.

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