Flag Lady just wanted her hands free at Obama Election Night 2012 speech

Spirit Goye stuck a flag in her hair during President Barack Obama's Election Night 2012 victory speech

November 9, 2012 5:59:41 AM PST
The Flag Hair Lady who stood behind President Barack Obama during his Election Night victory speech said she had two American flags, and needed a place to put one.

That place was in her hair. And since then Spirit Goye has been trending on Twitter as Flag Lady or Flag Hair Lady.

"I was just in the moment. And we had two flags, originally and I didn't want to be like just waving [like an] orchestra, so I put it in my hair to be free and wave," Goye said.

Goye said she basically forgot about it. But social media didn't. Thousands of people tweeted or facebooked about Flag Hair Lady. A few examples:

@TylerOakley wrote, "I live for the woman behind Obama with a flag in her hair. She is iconic. She is everything. She won this election."

@kidicarus22 wrote, "I hope that lady is getting texts from her mother saying, "Take that flag out of your hair."

Goye said she had no idea Flag Lady and Flag Hair Lady were trending on social media until ABC7 called.

"I didn't until somebody told me, like, from your TV station," Goye said. "I'm like, what, really? We were at the event and were caught up in the moment, celebrating the victory and just waving the flag."

Goye was at the rally with her friend Tom Hayes, who works for Pres. Obama.