Cell phone allergies? Metals in cell phones could cause allergic reaction

((Photo: Oliver Lang/dapd))

November 9, 2012 1:48:06 PM PST
If your cell phone leaves you itching, there could be good reason. You may be allergic to the metals nickel or cobalt.

Allergists from the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology tested mobile phones for the two allergens. They found roughly a third of all Blackberries contain nickel.

Flip-phone users may fare even worse. Nickel was found in about 91 percent of the flip phones studied. Cobalt is in 52 percent.

Droids and iPhones contained neither metal.

Allergic users may experience dry, itchy skin along their cheek bones, jaw lines, and ears.

If you can't part with your devices, you can cover them with a plastic case and use wireless earpieces to minimize symptoms.