Powerball winning numbers yield 2 winners to split jackpot

November 29, 2012

That ticket was purchased in Dearborn, Missouri, while the other was bought in Fountain Hills, Arizona.

One ticket was sold at a convenience store called Trex Mart, at a gas station in Dearborn Missouri, a small farming town with a population of only 496 people.

The Missouri Lottery is planning an 11 a.m. news conference Friday to reveal new information about the winner there.

And the winning ticket sold in Arizona was purchased at a 4 Sons Food Store in Fountain Hills, about 20 miles from downtown Phoenix.

There is no word yet on the winner there.

We do know about one new millionaire and he's from northwest Indiana.

Larry Chandler is a new millionaire and he has big plans for his instant wealth, but he said he wanted to wine and dine his girlfriend at their favorite restaurant, Red Lobster.

Chandler says he didn't realize he had won until he read the paper Thursday morning and noticed that he had matched five of the winning six numbers.

"'I won a million dollars, I won a million dollars, I won a million dollars.' He just kept repeating that," said Chandler's girlfriend, Donna Eder.

The 34-year-old union electrician had purchased 10 tickets at a gas station in Highland, Indiana.

With his winnings, he is planning to help his mother in Pittsburgh and set up a college fun for his12-year-old daughter.

"You don't believe that until you get there and they cut you a check," Chandler said.

In Flanagan Illinois, residents are pretty excited about the attention the lottery has brought to their tiny town.

Someone bought at ticket at Bart's Supermarket on Route 116 that matched five of six numbers, making them an instant millionaire too.

"It's really good for Flanagan," store employee Linda Cox said. "It kind of puts us on the map, it seems like, because we are such a little town."

After taxes Chandler will receive about $713,000. He said he has immediately deposited the check.

There are dozens of people across the country who matched five numbers and won $1 million dollars Wednesday night.

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