Connecticut Shooting: Suspected school gunman has suburban Chicago relatives

December 15, 2012 (CHICAGO)

It's the first time anyone from the gunman's family has talked since the shooting.

Marsha Lanza was very emotional as she talked about not only her nephew, but her sister-in-law and the tragedy in Connecticut.

"It shocked us all right to our core,' Marsha Lanza said.

An emotional Lanza spoke to reporters outside her Crystal Lake home about the school slayings allegedly committed by her nephew, Adam Lanza, who police say killed his mother Nancy before taking his own life.

"I loved Nancy," she said. "Nancy was an awesome, giving person."

Marsha says her husband, Michael, saw the 20-year-old in June and everything seemed fine.

According to Marsha, Nancy Lanza was 52 and grew up on a farm in New Hampshire, adding that Nancy was familiar with firearms and kept three in her home for protection.

"As far as anything really wrong with him, needed help, nobody said anything," she said. "They were definitely the type that if the kid needed help, they would have gotten it for him."

She sent a Facebook message Friday morning asking Nancy how she was doing. Nancy never responded.

Lanza says her sister-in-law never said she felt threatened by her son.

"My heart goes out to the parents who have lost kids," she said. "I've lost two sons, I know what they're dealing with. I'm also watching the Lanza name be so tarnished."

Marsha Lanza says Adam attended the school where the attacks happened, but was removed and home schooled by his mother.

Adam had been taking college courses, she said.

"Why these innocent little kids? That just still baffles me," she said.

But for now like the rest of us Marsha Lanza is struggling with the tragedy.

"It's heartbreaking to know it's in your own family, and you say, 'Well, it'll never happen to me,' but it has," she said.

Marcia Lanza said that obviously her family is grieving, but amid their grief they are very concerned about all the families affected by this tragedy.

She's asking everyone simply to pray for peace.

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