Turning to faith to cope with Connecticut shooting

December 16, 21012 (CHICAGO)

Through the mourning process, so many people are coming together for support. Many area churches prayed for the victims and reflected on what happened on Friday.

Churchgoers in Logan Square felt a small sense of relief when they came together to find strength.

Sunday's prayer service at Armitage Baptist Church was dedicated to the victims in Newtown, Connecticut.

"You say, 'but I need answers.' I know, and God knows you need answers. There are answers we're not getting now, but that's what faith is all about."

It was a chance for these church members, of all ages, to come together and mourn.

"It was comforting," said church member Fernando Grillo. "It brought us together and it just makes us focus on a conversation that must be had."

For others, it was the strength they needed to try and make sense of what happened.

"We don't know why this happened but our faith, if we believe and trust God, he'll get us through it," said church member Gloria Barrow.

This church family was led by Pastor Charles Lyons, who says some people reached out to him after the shootings, as they questioned their faith.

"It is a shaking, it is a trial, but that's a good thing, because if what we have is not real, in the rough times it's not worth bothering with in the good times," Pastor Lyons said.

Parishioners at Holy Family Church on the Near West Side interrupted their Christmas choir concert to pay their respects too.

At a Sikh temple in palatine, religious groups there promoted anti-violence against the Sikh and Muslim communities, which have seen their own recent acts of violence, and they too took a moment to honor the victims in Newtown.

Many people from all walks of life turned to their faith to try and find a way to heal.

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