Northbrook dad taking love of baseball around the world

December 20, 2012

An extraordinary sight as children in Kenya are being introduced to America's favorite pastime.

Dr. Warren Bruhl is a pediatric chiropractor. He says he first saw the need while on a medical mission trip to the Dominican Republic.

"To see children that are out there playing with a ball that is rolled up tape instead of actually having a ball, and seeing children that are using a rock instead of a ball and a stick, and in the Dominican Republic where they play baseball, the children that are exceptionally good, they get equipment from baseball organizations, but the children that are not as good they don't really have access to it," Dr. Bruhl said.

After distributing equipment in the Dominican Republic, Dr. Bruhl decided to also take equipment along on his next mission -- to Kenya. The children there had never seen baseball.

"They loved it," he said. "It was very foreign to them. Their skills are way off, but it will get there. I know it will."

Dr. Bruhl coached Little League for more than a decade. He recruited a fellow coach and his oldest son, Austin, to help secure donated baseball equipment, both new and used. Bruhl's garage is the group's home base. They say the abundance that's discarded in the u-s could be life-changing for children in poor countries.

Sot: david labunski -- gear for goals "When you go to somewhere like the Dominican Republic and you hand out something like a baseball mitt or a bat or a glove or a baseball card, to see their eyes light up, the joy that it brings them, it's like Christmas," said David Labunski of Gear for Goals.

"Children need a chance and anything that they can do to have sport, to have some recreation and fun is what i reason to be helpful," Dr. Bruhl said.

Gear for Goals is hoping to send or deliver a shipment of sports equipment to the Dominican Republic and Kenya each month.

If you have some in your garage that you'd like to donate, go to their Facebook page:

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