Hit-and-run victim home for the holidays

December 24, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Tiarria Stallworth is home just in time for Christmas after a crash no one thought she would survive.

Doctors expect Stallworth to make a full recovery, but the driver remains at large.

Stallworth started to improve about three weeks ago and since then her progress has been moving at a rapid pace.

She is now able to speak and sit up in a wheel chair. The best part is that she is now able to go home.

"They didn't think I was going to make it, so me being able to know what's going on and feel what's going on, my body is turning around, you know it's a miracle," Tiarria Stallworth said.

A hit-and-run driver almost took Stallworth's life on Thanksgiving night, but now on Christmas Eve her family finally gets to take her home. It was her son's only wish.

"Soon as she goes home I am going to hug her and kiss her and if she says stop, I'm not going to stop," said Michael Gibson Jr.

The horror unfolded in front of stall worth's 9-year-old son Michael. He was watching his mom put his baby brother Isaiah in a car seat when a female driver crashed into her, taking the door off the car.

"He said that she actually got out of the car to see me on the ground and then she gets back in her car and leaves so she wasn't crazy," Stallworth said.

"You know who you are, you know who you are," Michael Gibson said. "You have some recollection of that night and you know you're just hiding."

Stallworth doesn't have any memory of the crash, but broken bones in her pelvis, arms and legs are enough to remind her it happened, though her thoughts are filled with the gift of a holiday homecoming.

"She went from actually being on a machine helping her to survive to up and now she's ready to go home on Christmas," Gibson said.

"I am able to go home so it's awesome," Stallworth said. "I could jump up and run down the street."

A few weeks ago that thought would have been unthinkable, but doctors say she should be walking in about six to eight weeks.

Running will take a bit longer.

Meanwhile that hit and run driver is still out there. Police are looking for a white, 4-door SUV with possible front end damage.

Investigators say there might be black paint on that white car from the victim's car.

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