Reward offered after dog's 'cruel' animal trap death

December 27, 2012 (HEBRON, Ill.)

"I cannot imagine a more tragic death for a loving and trusting dog like Pearl," said Anja Heister, In Defense of Animals. "Knowing that she was lured to her death by someone she may have known and trusted, someone with the most cruel intention of causing her to suffer and die in a Conibear, borders on psychopathic behavior."

On December 8, Pearl was chained outside her family's home for a few hours when someone removed her from her yard and led her to the Conibear trap that took her life.

Conibear traps are powerful body-gripping traps designed to break an animal's spine or administer a fatal blow to the skull, IDA says, however, they rarely kill animals instantly and instead leave them to suffer for hours, if not days. The trap is nearly impossible to remove and they often catch non-target animals like dogs and cats, IDA says.

IDA urges anyone with information about the killing to contact the Hebron Police Department at 219-996-2747.

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