Hangover Help: New Year's Party Tips Before and After

December 30, 2012

We brought a health expert into our ABC7 studio to give us tips for before and after your party.

Dr. Kevin Dolehide with MetroSouth Medical Center, www.metrosouthmedicalcenter.com, explained what happens in the body to create a hangover and what to do get rid of it.

Dr. Dolehide's tips to get rid of a hangover:

1. Hydrate
- Have a couple glasses of water before you go out.
- Alternate one drink with one glass of water during the evening.
- The next morning, drink a lot of water or electrolyte-based drinks, like Gatorade.
2. Eat
A solid meal with a lot of protein and carbs
3. Drink milk
Milk can coat the lining of your stomach and inhibit the absorption of alcohol
4. Olive oil
Dip bread in olive oil; the fat content from the oil may help
5. Ginseng and Miso soup
- The Japanese say eating ginseng and Miso soup before drinking can help your body process the alcohol.
- Ginseng may also give you an energy boost that is more beneficial than caffeine or an energy drink.
6. B6
Taking vitamin B6 prior to drinking, while drinking, and before going to bed can reduce hangovers
7. Peanut butter
In Africa, peanut butter is a common food to help prevent hangovers
8. Skip the alcohol

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