Park Forest woman rescued from explosion pays it forward, donates kidney to nephew

January 10, 2013 4:02:55 PM PST
A Park Forest woman who was rescued when her house exploded almost two years ago is paying it forward.

Yolanda Collins is recovering after donating a kidney to her nephew. ABC7's John Garcia talked with her about her life-saving gift.

It was almost two years ago when Collins survived the gas explosion that destroyed her Park Forest home. Two men working in the area rescued her from the second floor.

Collins felt grateful and lucky. She says she believes it may have been part of a divine plan to keep her around so she could help her nephew, Wardell, who might have died had she not donated her kidney last month.

After determining she was a match, Collins flew to San Francisco last month for the surgery. The 35-year-old educator says she basically grew up with her nephew in Chicago and was anxious to help him.

Wardell is now recovering. Doctors say the kidney is functioning well, though he still needs medicine for the rest of his life.