Call for an end to Chicago's violence problem as another teen killed

January 13, 2013 8:51:48 AM PST
The Rev. Jesse Jackson hosted a forum on gun violence Saturday at Rainbow Push. It happened the morning after a 14-year-old boy was shot and killed while sitting on his front porch.

Rey Dorantes was looking forward to celebrating his 15th birthday next week.

Instead of planning a party, his father and relatives are making funeral arrangements after the teen is gunned down in what investigators are calling a possible case of mistaken identity.

It's the gun violence many in Chicago are trying to stop.

Friday evening Dorantes was standing on the front porch of his family's Humboldt Park home talking on his cell phone. Just minutes after his father told him to come inside that two men approached and opened fire.

"I heard the shots, so i come back fast," his father Esteban Dorantes said. "My son, he's right here. He died."

Police say the teen's slaying may have been a case of mistaken identity and gang-related.

Chicago ended 2012 with a record number, in recent years, killed by gun violence.

Like Dorantes, who was a Roberto Clemente Career Academy High School student, many were kids.

Rev. Jackson called for the bloodshed to stop.

The Rainbow Push Coalition broadcast Saturday was dedicated to discussing -- how to fix the escalating violence problem.

Chicago police superintendent Garry McCarthy and others who attended again called for an immediate ban on assault weapons.

"Magazines that carry up to 100 bullets in these drums have no place in a civilized society," McCarthy said.

The panel of anti-violence and gun control advocates also pushed for harsher minimum sentencing for illegal gun possession along with creation of a national database.

It's too little too late for the family of Rey Dornates.

The teen, who wanted to join the army after he graduated , is being remembered as helpful, generous and caring.

"Seeing him go like that its hard," his stepsister Anastasia Strope said. "It shouldn't happen like that especially to a child."

Another teen was gunned down Friday evening , just hours before Dorantes was killed.

Police say 15-year old Victor Vega was killed as he walked with a friend.

Witnesses say a gunman approached the pair -- and started shouting gang slogans before firing several shots.