Elgin police catch alleged bank robber

January 15, 2013 4:15:33 PM PST
A suburban, bank robbery suspect is behind bars Tuesday night thanks to bank employees and some fast action by police.

Bank robbers are normally the responsibility of the FBI to investigate, however when the Old Second Bank branch in Elgin was robbed on Tuesday morning, Elgin police had the suspect in custody before they could even notify the FBI.

"We have a great deal of technology that we use to think about where crime can occur and at the end of the day, it's just good, old-fashioned police work," said Jeff Swoboda, Elgin Police Chief.

Elgin police say it went just like they train for, after a lone gunman robbed the old second bank Tuesday morning about 9:15.

The man, wearing a mask and hoodie jumped over a counter, waved a gun and announced a robbery. After getting cash he fled in a white Toyota Camry.

Rather than rushing to the bank, officers set up along likely escape roads and within five minutes officer Eric Echeverria spotted a car that matched the description heading eastbound on Lake Street.

"We gave him verbal commands; he listened to the verbal commands. He came to us, he was taken into custody without incident," Echeverria said.

Within seconds two other officers were on the scene to help.

They say he's 30 years old, from Carol Stream and has no arrest record in Elgin. It was the first bank robbery in Elgin in six months. Officer Josh Miller was involved in the arrest. It's his second day on the job.

"I know a lot of people don't even see something like this in their career, so it was a good experience, definitely, and it might be the only one of my career," Miller said.

The suspect has not yet been charged. Elgin police said they recovered a gun when they took him into custody.

They have now turned the case over to the FBI.