Kate Upton sexy Super Bowl 2013 video debated

January 24, 2013 8:18:09 AM PST
One Super Bowl ad is sure to bring some extra heat to the big game.

Mercedes Benz is stirring things up with a teaser for their upcoming spot with swimsuit model Kate Upton.

Upton is no stranger to sexy ads but this one is causing some controversy. How sexy is too sexy for America's biggest game?

The sleek lines and sexy curves featured in the new commercial are certain to make hearts race. The ad is for the new Mercedes CLA, at least, that's what the German automaker claims.

Mercedes is *advertising* the 90 second tease as a taste of what's to come during the Super Bowl next month, an ad it says is intended to target someone in the market for a new car.

Model Kate Upton, who many might argue is the real star of the ad, has famously "taken a back seat" to promote a product before, as evidenced by her Carl's Jr. commercial.

But some are now asking if the notion that sex sells is being taken a bit too far.

"People will always try to push the envelope," said Charlie Warzel, staff writer, Adweek. "At the end of the day, they're going to want to make this sexually suggestive but also family friendly, and there's a real balance there."

Of course, the Super Bowl, with its 100 million viewers, most of them men, Is known for advertisers who push the envelope with ads. Who could forget the H&M commercial with that long hard look at tattooed soccer phenom David Beckham wearing nothing but his tighty whities.

Now, with the big game less than two weeks away, football fans are eagerly anticipating what Super Bowl 47 advertisers will have up their scantily clad sleeves for their 30 seconds of sell.

"It's about capturing that part of the national conversation and getting people to talk about it on Monday morning," Warzel said.