Winter Skincare

January 28, 2013 10:13:37 AM PST
Winter is one of the harshest seasons on your skin.

It's important to take certain steps and look for certain ingredients in products this time of year to keep your skin looking its best, keep it healthy and help avoid damage. Angelika Deyna, a regional esthetician trainer for LifeSpa shares her top tips. LifeSpa is located inside Life Time Fitness destinations across Illinois.

1. Preventing and treating dry/cracked lips

a. Use a soothing nourishing lip treatment on a regular basis, especially when being exposed to the elements

b. Ingredients to look for:

i. Vitamin E - Conditions and help relive chapped, cracked skin.

ii. Lanolin - Protects from the drying effects of wind and cold weather

iii. Beta Hydroxy Acid - Gently exfoliates to smooth and revitalize.

iv. Petroleum - Skin conditioning treatment.

Product Example: Murad Soothing Skin

2. Preventing peeling skin around eyes?

a. Be careful not to get creams or lotions in your eyes that can irritate them

b. Use protective wear when necessary to prevent any eye injuries or extreme irritation

c. Ingredients to look for:

i. Shea butter ? Relieves dehydrated skin

ii. Sodium PCA ? Binds moisture to skin, highly water absorbent

iii. Glycerin - Soften and soothes the skin, prevents dryness

Product Example: Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture for Eyes

3. Preventing peeling skin on the cheeks v a. Look for products that hold and lock in moisture

b. The key is to find products that will repair the skin barrier and help protect you from the elements in the future

c. Ingredients to look for:

i. Primrose Oil ? Rich in essential oils for many anti-aging problems, helps preserve healthy skin

ii. Omega 6 Oil ? Keeps skin smooth and soft, repairs damaged skinc ells, also necessary for our health

iii. Hyaluronic Acid ? Locks in moisture and nourishes the layers of skin

iv. Goji Berries ? Protects against irritated skin

v. Peppermint Leaf Extract ? reduces stinging and sensitivity

Products: Murad Perfecting Serum

Murad Hydro-Dynamic Moisturizer

Vivier Hydragel Advanced

Murad Soothing gel cleanser

4. Preventing cracked and dry ears

a. Wear protective gear like hats, headbands or earmuffs when exercising outside

b. Ingredients to look for:

i. Chamomile extract

ii. Which Hazel Extract

Visuals/Products: Finpil

Murad Soothing Lip and Skin

5. How to rejuvenate damaged skin/indulge and treat the skin

a. Look for products that are rich in antioxidants and create a solid foundation for the skin

b. Ingredients to look for:

i. Shea Butter ? Relieves dehydrated skin

ii. Trace Minerals ? Infuse the skin

iii. Golden Seaweed ? Restores skin resilience

Treatments/Products: Murad Age Diffusing Firming Mask