Report: Chicago among worst traffic cities

February 5, 2013 8:19:34 AM PST
Chicago has one of the worst commutes in the nation, according to the Urban Mobility Report.

Chicago ranks 7th in the worst commute category among big cities.

The study says that commuting in Chicago can also be highly unpredictable.

Chicagoans should increase their planning time to avoid delays, the study suggests. For example, a 20 minute trip takes 79 minutes in the Windy City.

The study showed that overall, Americans spent 5.5 billion additional hours sitting in traffic in 2011. An average 20 minute trip- without traffic- takes an hour with traffic.

Experts say to give yourself even more time to get to work, especially in bad weather conditions. Frustration stemming from traffic can be avoided all together by taking public transportation.

The Urban Mobility Report is published by Texas A&M Transportation Institute.