Chicago's north suburbs digging out after winter snow storm

February 8, 2013 2:18:04 PM PST
Residents in several of Chicago's northern suburbs were working to get rid of a lot snow Friday morning.

While some parts of the area got very little snow, areas to the far north are still feeling the effects of winter weather.

In some northern suburbs, residents got up to 9 inches of snow. When it was falling Thursday night, some cars were forced to pull over.

In Libertyville Friday morning , the snow was a thick, heavy and wet mess -- and that's not easy to scoop up.

As business owners and residents shoveled their driveways, Libertyville snow plows were clearing residential roads and alleys.

"It was a lot," Libertyville resident Ann Little said. "We were not expecting this last night it took me three hours to get home"

In Glenview, a snow plow struck a Pace bus Friday morning and sent it into the front yard of a home.

It took Buffalo Grove resident Cliff Lee 30 minutes to start to make noticeable progress shoveling his driveway.

Buffalo Grove got close to five and a half inches of snow that was mixed with freezing rain. The mix makes it a lot harder to clean up than the fluffy stuff.

"It was very wet snow so it packed down real fast and where you had a lot of traffic it turned into ice and was a hard pin the salt couldn't get underneath," the Deputy Director of Public Works in Buffalo Grove Rick Kuhl said.

Village officials tell me 24 plow and salt trucks were out Thrusday night into Friday morning to take care of the smaller residential streets, while IDOT cleaned up the major thoroughfares.

Travel was still a headache for commuters Friday.

"It does seem to be clean but Lake Cook road in the morning didn't seem as clean as I would have liked it to be," commuter Juan Nevaruz.