New CPD detectives attend orientation

February 10, 2013 3:51:00 PM PST
A group of 70 newly promoted Chicago Police detectives went through an orientation session on the South Side Saturday.

The first detectives added to city's police force in five years will report for their first official day on the job Monday.

"We're very excited, looking forward to learning very fast and getting out there doing our best for the community," said Detective Kristy Battalini.

"We'd like them to jump in right away, get their feet wet fast, we're going to have them initially ride along with more experienced detectives so they can pick up some the knowledge and experience that those guys have," said Commander Anthony Riccio.

Of the 70 detectives, 42 will be assigned to the area-central police bureau, while the remaining 28 will work out of Area-South.