Baptism party brawler sentenced for stabbing

March 13, 2013 11:00:42 AM PDT
A California man was sentenced to nearly a year in jail for stabbing a partygoer who tried to dance with his wife at a baptism celebration.

Yasmani Ramirez, 28, of Redwood City pleaded no contest and was ordered to pay about $1,000 in restitution, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Tuesday.

Ramirez was at a baptism party in November when another man touched Ramirez's wife on her back and asked her to dance. Ramirez argued with the man and several others, which escalated into a fight.

Ramirez pulled out a knife and stabbed the man once in the stomach and cut him several times on his arms when the victim tried to shield his face, authorities said.

"These are relatively young people - testosterone is still running rampant in them," said San Mateo County prosecutor Steve Wagstaffe. "It turned into a couple of wild male elk in mating season locking horns - except for one party, the horns were a knife."

Authorities have placed a hold on Ramirez, an illegal immigrant, and they could start deportation proceedings when he is released.