Ted Wulfers talks Chicago, new album Lucky No. 7

March 14, 2013 3:46:35 AM PDT
His music speaks from the soul. Midwestern rock n' roll is the distinct style of Chicago musician Ted Wulfers.

"A lot of people call me Heartland Rock. I think I've earned that and I'm very proud of that because I'm from the Heartland, I'm from the Midwest but it's just good, real honest, rock n roll," Wulfers said.

Wulfers, who grew up in Chicago's north suburbs, has written more than 1,500 songs, produced 20 albums, and recently released his 7th, appropriately titled Lucky No. 7.

"We recorded 78 songs and 15 of them made the record," Wulfers said. "So much love, so much joy, so much passion went into making it, you can really here that in the speakers."

The album was recorded in 14 different studios around the country, creating a special bond among the band. Then something unexpected happened during production that touched everyone involved.

"While we were making the record, my father, we learned that my father had cancer; my co-producer's mother passed away from cancer and we had about 15 other people involved in the making of the record - all had cancer," Wulfers said.

The recording sessions became therapeutic, a sort of musical journey, ending with the song "Think Of The Good Times," dedicated to Wulfers' father.

"I was hanging out with my mom and she said, right now we just need to think of the good times, and so I sat down with my ukulele and wrote the song and we recorded it in one take in LA," Wulfers.

"He had a vision from the beginning and he managed to see that vision through," Aaron Weistrop, musician, said. "So Lucky #7 , I believe is exactly the album he wanted to make.

There are many special elements to Lucky No. 7, including its availability on vinyl - but to Wulfers, it's a chance to give back.

"Part of the proceeds of all sales are going to the American Cancer Society, it's on the back of the album. I just wanted to make sure I could give back and I could help people with my music," Wulfers said.

Ted Wulfers
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