Make Up 101: Four common mistakes

April 2, 2013 10:33:21 AM PDT
What are the most common mistakes women make when putting on makeup? And, how can you fix them?

Lip lining:
Incorrect: Many women take the wrong approach to lining their lips, and their lip line ends up lopsided. It is difficult to maintain a consistent line if you're trying to outline your lips using fluid, clockwise motion.
Correct: At MAKE UP FOR EVER, our technique is to first line the cupid's bow, then the center of the bottom lip, and connect the lines to form a complete outline. Drawing small lines and connecting them is easier to draw a more perfect outline, as opposed to trying to form a perfect outline in one motion. You also want to line in the same direction - for example, draw in an upward motion on both sides of the upper lip and a downward motion on both sides on the lower lip for increased volume, or vice versa for a thinner lip.

Foundation: wrong shade matching/application
Incorrect: Wearing the wrong foundation shade is one of the biggest mistakes that women make with their make up. This mistake involves buying a shade that is too light or too dark, or buying a shade with the wrong undertone. This can create a line between the jaw line and the neck, and an unnatural look. It is important to learn how to properly shade match yourself, as well as how to properly apply your foundation to achieve the most flawless finish.
Correct: I recommend that women use their décolleté as a guide to the appropriate shade for a more harmonious look. Using that shade as a point of reference, pick out three colors that are close to it. On the side of your face make three stripes - one of the stripes should disappear and blend in seamlessly - that is your match! Next, when it comes to applying your foundation I always recommend women start at the center of their face and blend out. The center is where the most discoloration and need for coverage will be by working in to out you will create a more natural look.

Bronzer: Improper placement
Incorrect: Bronzer is one of those products that is almost always used in excess. So many women want to apply the product all over their face to boost their color, but bronzer should be used only in specific areas of the face to contour and create a natural glow.
Correct: To create a natural looking bronzed appearance, you want to apply the product where the sun naturally hits your face - so the three highest places on your face. These spots include your temple, top of cheekbones, and your jawline.

Bold shades/pops of color: overboard with color, instead show a contoured eye with a pop of color
Incorrect: For those who aren't color shy with their make up, you want to make sure you're doing color right. Many times I will see women who want to incorporate 2 or 3 bright eye shadow shades in one look or use one bright color all over, which can tend to look too overdone and a bit heavy on the eyes.
Correct: For a more polished and wearable look, I like to show women how to incorporate a pop of color opposed to all-over. Also, it's important to remember that even though you want to bring in color, you should work it in with your neutrals. So using neutrals I recommend creating a simple contoured eye, and then bringing in the pop of color by adding it to the outer corner of your eye.

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