Frederick Goings sentenced to life in prison murder of Nova Henry, baby Ava

April 4, 2013 (CHICAGO) p> The Henry Family trudged through four years of anguished-filled court proceedings. Thursday, it ends.

"As I stand here in front I still ask myself why," said Yolan Henry. "Why is someone that evil, that callous that sadistic that only option was to brutally murder Nova and Ava?"

"Justice hasn't been served in that regard," said Eric Grimmette. "You still miss your babies and my grandbaby. I miss them very much."

Nova Henry was shot while holding her 10-month-old Ava Henry Curry in 2009.

Frederick Goings was convicted and Thursday he was sentenced to natural life in prison.

"We are very happy knowing that Frederick Goings will never be a free man again," Yolan Henry said. "He will never have the opportunity to ruin another family or harm another person."

Five of Henry's relatives spoke in court.

Goings was also given the opportunity to speak.

He complained about his representation, the judgment and then he made a statement.

He said: "I maintain my innocence. I loved Nora and Ava and I'm disappointed with the jury's decision."

Judge Maura Slattery Boyle called the attorney-turned-felon with a history of domestic abuse and battery convictions a "predator."

"You are obsessed with yourself. You have no substance, no integrity," Judge Boyle said.

Henry's mother says she has had to forgive Goings and says she prays for his family.

Yolan Henry now tries to offer support to other parents who are also grieving a child due to gun violence.

The Henry family reminds those listening about the young survivor of the murders.

Henry's 3-year-old son Noah was home during the shootings and was alone for hours trying to wake up his mother and baby sister.

Noah lives with his father, professional basketball player Eddy Curry, who was granted custody after the murders.

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