Exclusive: Dramatic 911 flooding calls released

April 27, 2013 (CHICAGO)

All the people you're about to hear calling for help would eventually be okay. But here were some real touch and go moments during the height of the flooding.

The water rose so quickly that some were confused by what was happening.

"Woman: There's a water main break. It's bubbling up through the concrete or the road.

Operator: More than likely it's not a water main. It's probably just the sewers can't handle any more water. But I will let public works know."

Roads in Morris quickly flooded and caught drivers off guard.

"Woman: I just crashed my car.
Operator: Are you hurt?
Woman: I'm okay. I'm kind of trapped in the car, though, and I'm not sure how to get out. I hit a rough patch, and I went off the road. And now my car is filling up with water."

That woman eventually climbed on top of her car as did others.

"Operator: Can you get out?
Man: Yeah.
Operator: Ok. I need you to get out and get on top of the roof. I don't need you taking in any water and inhaling it and anything, okay?"

One woman couldn't find her husband whose car got washed away.

"Operator: Did he say which way they were being pushed?
Woman: He says it feels like they're going in the ditch.
Operator: I've got my, ok. I've got my partner trying to attempt to call Mark to see if we can figure out where exactly they're at and if we can get them out of that vehicle.
Woman: Okay. Oh."

In the midst of the chaos, there were other dangers.

"Man: There's a propane tank that has floated away down there where it was flooded really bad. I think it's sitting there leaking."

And as basements filled with water, soon came the fire calls.

"Woman: The house next door to me is vacant, and we can smell wire burning and smoke detectors going off.
Operator: Ok.
Woman: As soon as you get to the door, you can smell it, they said."

In addition to the high volume emergency calls, officials in Grundy County also had to deal with Morris Hospital being flooded. They had to find other places to take people who needed care.

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