Deaf parents kill baby that won't stop crying, cops say

May 2, 2013 (RICHARDSON, Texas)

Police say the father has confessed to his role and is charged with capital murder. And they say the mother did not stop the alleged abuse.

Police say a 5-month-old girl died from her injuries at the hands of her parents at their home. The parents, Maria Zuniga and Hector Cupich-Quinones, were drunk Saturday night, police say. Both are deaf and mute. They fought with each other that night.

"And then there was a dispute over who was going to take care of the child. The child I guess was a little fussy and they couldn't get the child to quiet," said Sgt. Kevin Perlich, Richardson police.

Charging documents show that the couple was drinking. Quinones allegedly shook the child and slammed her across the kitchen counter. He later admitted to it, police say, saying he was frustrated by the child's crying.

"It is my understanding that even though they're deaf they can pick up vibrations and hear some sounds and stuff like that," said Perlich.

Police were called to the home six hours later.

"We're talking a lot of blunt force trauma injuries," Perlich said.

There were injuries and bruising to the head, back and arms. The child later died Sunday night at Medical City Dallas.

Shani Leon lives two doors down. She has a 1-week-old and said she cannot believe it.

"It is sad, especially hearing stuff like this and knowing it's down the street, not even a house down. It's very, very sad," she said.

The parents are being held at the Dallas County Jail. Quinoes' bond is $1 million, and he has an immigration hold. Zuniga's bond is $750,000.

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