Bulls fans revel in Game 1 win over Miami

May 7, 2013 (CHICAGO)

"I'm not really a Bulls fan, but I like to see them beat the Miami Heat, because they've had it too easy," said Kurt Parker.

It was a stunning upset over the Heat. Not only are so many of the Bulls' star players benched, before Monday, the defending champions had won 41 of their last 43 games.

The lunch crowd at the West Loop's Union Park was all abuzz about the game on Tuesday.

"The Heat had a week off and we had a good rhythm," said Bulls fan Matthew Raglin. "And even though we're banged up, we have good chemistry. I already knew we were going to win."

"To have a lot of stars out due to injuries, and they held their own. It shows heart," said Tracey Walker.

Just east of the United Center, Gunzo's sells both Blackhawks and Bulls apparel. With Derrick Rose's popularity on the decline these days, assistant manager Steve McDaniel says customers' requests are changing.

"Jimmy Butler's been on the rise," McDaniel said. "He's the one fans want to see. And I think Thibs likes him, too, because he's playing every minute of every game."

But what better way to celebrate the Bulls' victory over the Heat than buying tickets to Friday's game in Chicago? They are a bit pricey though.

"We wanted to get standing room tickets, get a big group out, support the Bulls. But, unfortunately, they're kind of expensive, so we'll be rooting them on TV," said Bulls fan Margaret Rozco.

How much were they?

"$115 was the cheapest," Rozco said.

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