Venus Freeze surgery-free cosmetic procedure

May 10, 2013

One of the newer high tech procedures promises to push back the clock without surgery.

Fifty-two-year old Cathy Waronker wanted to do something about the extra skin under her chin and neck.

Instead of a chin lift, she's opting for a procedure called the Venus Freeze.

"It has nothing to do with cold. It's actually heat," said Dr. Harold Lancer.

A Beverly Hills dermatologist, Dr. Lancer says within minutes the Venus Freeze heats fat cells to 107 degrees Fahrenheit without any pain.

"Doesn't involve needles, there is no blood, there' s no down time," he said. "Feels like a rotary warm massage and people actually like it."

Dr. Lancer says other types of heat technology such as thermage delivers heat through a single source which many patients say is uncomfortable.

But the Venus Freeze is said to be the first technology that uses both radio frequency and magnetic pulse to evenly stimulate growth factors in the skin and boost collagen and elastin.

The changes can be subtle after the first treatment but the company says improvements really show after several treatments.

The Venus Freeze can be also be used in other areas including under the arms, thighs and abdomen.

Of course, it comes with a hefty price tag ranging from $400-800 a session.

Results are not permanent and patients with a lot of laxity in the skin might not be good candidates for this procedure.

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