Grilling for Mom

May 12, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Since we are heading into the grilling season, we brought Chef Jesus Garcia and General Manager Keith Sansone of Sullivan's Steakhouse Chicago ( to our ABC 7 studio to show us how to make a Broiled Tenderloin Benedict.

Sullivan's Steakhouse Chicago: 415 N. Dearborn
Sullivan's Steakhouse Naperville: 244 South Main Street
Sullivan's Steakhouse Lincolnshire: 250 Marriot Drive

Chef Jesus Garcia's Broiled Tenderloin Benedict
2 ea Eggs, Whole, Poached
1 ea English Muffin, Split & Toasted
2 ea Beef, Filet Medallions, Broiled, 2 oz
2 oz Hollandaise Sauce, Heated, (recipe)
1 tbsp Green Onion, Bias Cut 1/8th Inch Thick
6 oz Home Style Potatoes, Heated, (recipe)
¼ tsp Parsley, Fresh Chopped
1 tbsp Salt & Pepper Mix

1. Season filet medallions with salt & pepper mix and broil to desired temperature.
2. If eggs have been poached in advanced then reheat them by re-submerging the eggs in simmering water till warmed throughout.
3. Blot on a towel when removing the eggs from water and shape if needed.
4. Place toasted English muffin onto a warm 12-inch oval platter then top with cooked filet medallions on each muffin.
5. Top each medallion with the warm poached eggs.
6. Spoon ½ ounce of hollandaise on each poached egg and garnish each egg with ½ tbsp of green onions.
7. Sprinkle top of eggs with chopped parsley then add portion of home-style potatoes to platter as seen in photo and serve.

Equiptment Needed
Slotted Kitchen Spoon
Measuring Spoons
Broiler or Toaster
Chef's Knife
Cutting Board
1 Ounce Ladle

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