Schaumburg couple survive Oklahoma tornado

May 21, 2013 (MOORE, Oklahoma)

The Kozaks were in Oklahoma visiting family. Their son, Steve, drove to Moore Monday night to be with his parents. He said they ducked into a closet as the storm moved closer and the winds grew stronger. The roof of the house blew off and then an exterior wall fell on them.

"As you can see, as far as you can see, absolutely nothing," said Steve Kozak.

Steve Kozak came to see for himself the home where his parents came very close to losing their lives.

"Where my parents ended up was right here. They were in the closet and that hot water heater landed on them, in addition to all those bricks," said Steve Kozak.

On Tuesday night, the Kozak's are together. Hospitalized and hurting, but thankful to be alive.

"I grabbed on to my wife. I said 'get down on the floor.' Next thing I know, the roof blew off. We got hit by a water heater that landed on top of us. A wall caved in on top of us. I guess that's what saved us," said Frank Kozak.

The Kozak's credit the weight of water heater and all those bricks with holding them down and protecting them from the 200 m.p.h. winds that shredded everything around them.

"I just thank God we're alive. It's an experience I wouldn't want anyone else to have to go through," said Frank Kozak.

Frank has cuts and bruises. His wife Char underwent surgery today to clean and repair deep lacerations all over her body. Still, the Schaumburg family's thoughts are with others who endured far worse.

"I feel sorry for those that lost, I'm happy for those that made in through it. I feel sorry for the state that to go through something like this," said Frank Kozak.

No one else in the family was injured.

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