Jesse James chops pinky off

May 23, 2013

James laughed off his sliced off pinky by sending out photos of the severed finger.

What's a macho guy do when he gets his pinky chopped off? Car customizer James Instagrammed the gory stub with the caption "Oops bad day at the office."

"They were, like, going crazy in the hospital. Oh do you want morphine? We have morphine ready for you. And I'm like, 'No, I'm actually cool," he told CNN. The bad boy of customizing choppers just got a little badder joking about how his severed fingertip couldn't be saved.

"Doesn't look like this little dude's gonna make it," he said. "Nice knowin' ya."

It happened as the reality show personality was hand-making a fender, and his gloved hand brushed a machine as he walked by. It took a few steps before he realized.

"And like, I had to like, feel inside my glove and, like, 'Crap it's gone,'" he said.

His wife rushed him to the hospital, and as he waited for surgery, he started sending out photos - photos that USA Today described with "#barf." The day after he lost his pinky, James was back at the shop.

He said he found the tip inside his glove. Doctors used the fingertip to make a skin graft to cover the injury, so unfortunately Jesse won't be able to auction off the tip on eBay.

James' half-pinky already has fans dreaming up t-shirt slogans, suggesting his choppers are "98 percent hand built." He says others who have lost fingers have been tweeting him photos of their nubs.

The thing that rubs many online commenters the wrong way was James cheating on his ex-wife, actress Sandra Bullock, suggesting that the wrong part of him got severed.

"Yeah, I see that. Those tabloid reader people, they're funny," he said.

James says since being upset won't make it grow back, he might as well joke about his pinky. At least, it wasn't his trigger finger. As one fan commented, one less nail to clip.

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