Evanston HS baseball season ends over sexting

May 24, 2013 (EVANSTON, Ill.)

Officials at Evanston Township High School say some players were distributing the photos.

The team was forced to forfeit its state playoff game last night so their season is over.

"It's appalling, especially to the female portion of the school, that they would circulate such pictures," said student Ashley Dean.

Some students at Evanston Township High School are outraged over the sexting investigation that abruptly ended the varsity boy's baseball season.

"It was their decision to do what they did, and they got caught doing it, so, they gotta pay the consequences... it's only right," said student Roger Bowen.

School officials say several members of the team were involved with allegedly forwarding nude or semi-nude photos sent by female classmates. After talking with each of the players this week, the school's athletic director sent a letter to parents saying that the school felt the conduct was unacceptable and that the team will not be participating in the state playoffs.

"I think a swift response is good, and I think that having the message sent that you can't be a not good person and still be a representative of the school is a good idea," said parent Malik Turley.

Some parents who would not go on camera believe the decision is unfair -- punish a few players but not all.

Freshman football player Kendale Walker thinks the team getting pulled from the playoffs is a bit harsh.

"I mean there is some punishment like maybe you can cancel one or two games but not end the whole season," said student Kendale Walker.

In a letter the school superintendent warns parents this is not an isolated incident saying: "We know that as more and more young people become connected in the digital age, sexting will remain a top concern for parents and educators. Please take time to educate yourself and your child about the consequences of sexting."

"I tell her what you put out there is going to be out there and a lot a lot of people are gonna see it," said parent Steven Gray.

"It's something that shouldn't be done over text at all or even over the internet anything like that," said student Jenny Gray. "Sending pictures isn't necessarily the smartest idea."

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